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Explore the making of the next WRCF Saddle from Oliver Saddle Shop

This year, Oliver Saddle Shop is continuing a tradition. They are giving the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation a beautiful handmade saddle to benefit the crisis and scholarship funds. This is such a great gift for us at the foundation because it represents a core cowboy way of life: we help each other mend one another’s […]

The Rally For Dally Campaign raised more than $31,000

“… done amazing things…”, Rally For Dally Funded

We want to thank everyone who played a role in donating to Rally for Dally, or being a part of the WRCF (Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation) or WRCA. The incredible news is in: the fund received more than $31,000. On top of this, the foundation will donate an additional $20,000 as a matching fund for crisis […]

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Rally For Dally

Help the Foundation purchase a customized Suburban for Dally’s family The benevolent arm of the WRCA, the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation (WRCF), is excited to announce a challenge to all our friends!  The foundation will match up to $20K to the Rally for Dally fundraising effort.  This is a matching grant to help little Dally raise funds […]