Relive the 17th World Championship Ranch Rodeo (Video Documentary & Results)

We’re starting to itch. The 18th World Championship Ranch Rodeo presented by the Working Ranch Cowboys Association is just around the corner.

  • Monroe Timberlake and Rainbow (Winning Ranch Team)
  • Wes Bailey – Arndt-Bailey (Top Hand)
  • Lightning Blue Jazz, owned by Rodey Wilson – Wilson-T4 (Top Horse)
  • Ky Finch – Wilson-T4 (Hard Luck Cowboy)

That’s why we’re showcasing the documentary from last year’s World Championship Ranch Rodeo. The defending champion Monroe Timberlake and Rainbow Ranches will try to repeat as a slew of new comers and the usually potent working cowboy talent ride into Amarillo to do everything they can to rope their own victory.

SEE: The Complete Results from the 17th WCRR

One comment

  1. Where do you wanna meet at the Amarillo, TX WRCA Championship?

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