2013 Fort Sumner Ranch Rodeo (Official Results)

Fort Sumner, New Mexico | August 30 & 31, 2013

Congratulations to the winning Ranch Team – Angell Ranch Co.!

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Bill Angell, Seth Boyd, Trey Kerby, Chris Price, Woodrow Kennedy, Kelly Spears

Second Place Ranch Team – Driver Land & Cattle Co., LLC.

Dane Driver, Jordan Driver, Kris Hubbard, Josh Stewart, Sonny Pate, Rodie Goodwin

Third Place Ranch Team – Spires Land & Cattle

T.J. Roberts, Kye Brandon, Ron Redford, John Cowan, Buddy Thomas

Fourth Place Ranch Team – Monroe Timberlake Ranch & Smith Ranch

Monroe Timberlake, Blain Bradley, Jared Jewkes, Casey Hatley, Olin Borg

Top Hand – Jeff Bilberry

Singleton Ranches

Top Horse – “Peppy’s Roan Badger” a.k.a. Big Iron

Lost Creek Cattle & Smith Oasis


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